[Libguestfs] [PATCH] inspect: use os-release for CoreOS

Pino Toscano ptoscano at redhat.com
Thu Mar 31 09:42:13 UTC 2016


On Thursday 31 March 2016 12:10:52 Nikos Skalkotos wrote:
> It looks good to me and it makes the code more robust. Removing
> /usr/lib/os-release in future releases of CoreOS is less probable than
> removing /usr/share/coreos/lsb-release.
> After such a change I would also update
> `test-data/phony-guests/make-coreos-img.sh' to also inject an os-release
> file in the dummy image it creates. Find attached the
> `/usr/lib/os-release' and `/usr/share/coreos/lsb-release' of the latest
> stable CoreOS version to update the script accordingly.


I updated the patch to change the phony image as well, using the
current os-release, and pushed:

Pino Toscano
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