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[Libguestfs] virt-p2v migration


I've been trying to migrate a physical host with two disks (the first,
sda, is the OS disk and the second, sdb, is a data disk) into a VM,
and it always fails on the second disk. The first disk, the OS disk,
migrates fine, but when it starts on the second it fails almost
straightaway with the following error:

(0.00/100%)^Mqemu-img: Could not open '/var/tmp/v2vovl811e67.qcow2':
Could not open backing file: Failed to connect socket: Connection

I can't see this backing file, but it may be deleted when the process
fails, as unfortunately it cleans up and deletes not only the
successfully migrated sda and associated files, but I suspect the
second as well. Most of the rest of the log can be seen at:


The conversion host has plenty of disk space in the migration path:
the image of sdb is about 700GB, and it has 5TB free.

I can always successfully migrate just sda. I can't just choose sdb as
it needs an OS disk included.

Details of the hosts being migrated: RHEL 5 x86_64
Details of the conversion server: Fedora 23 with
virt-v2v-1.32.10-1.fc23.x86_64, libvirt-
The boot image was created on the conversion host using both Fedora 23
and CentOS 7.3 (both see the same issue)

Any ideas?



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