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[Libguestfs] Plan for libguestfs 1.36

Libguestfs 1.34 was released on 2016-08-08, which is about 6 months
ago.  I'd would like to think about what needs work for the next
stable 1.36 release, which might happen at the end of this month.

Any new APIs added in the 1.35 cycle will become supported and
guaranteed when we release 1.36, so we need to check those.  See:

  git diff v1.34.0 -- generator/actions.ml

It looks like there are only 3 new public APIs.

Please follow-up also if there are features / blockers / bugs that
need to be addressed for 1.36.

As usual, bugs which have "1.36" (without quotes) in the "Devel
Whiteboard" field in Bugzilla are nominated as blockers for the
release.  You can see a list of those here (currently empty):


For a list of all upstream bugs, see:



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