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[Libguestfs] [PATCH v2 00/12] Allow APIs to be implemented in OCaml.

Version 1 was here:

This patch series reimplements a few more APIs in OCaml, including
some very important core APIs like ‘list_filesystems’ and ‘mount’.
All the tests pass after this.

The selection of APIs that I have moved may look a little random, but
in fact they are all APIs consumed by the inspection code (and some
more which I haven't submitted yet).  This patch series makes it
easier to implement inspection in the daemon.

Code size is smaller, and code is simpler.

The major security benefits will come as we move more APIs, especially
inspection, into the daemon where they run in a sandbox.  That is only
possible because we don't have to write everything in C.

The daemon grows in disk size slightly, from 3.1 MB to 4.6 MB.  That
growth (1.5 MB) compared to the whole appliance (296 MB) is a third of
one percent, so not really noticable.


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