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Re: [Libguestfs] virt-builder resize error

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 09:36:02AM -0500, David Kaylor wrote:
> [   2.9] Planning how to build this image
> 0: itags: +filename=/home/dkaylor/.cache/virt-builder/rhel-7.4.x86_64.2 +size=6442450944 +format=raw +template +xz
> 0: task : pxzcat
> 0: otags: +filename=test.img +size=6442450944 +format=raw
> 1: itags: +filename=test.img +size=6442450944 +format=raw
> 1: task : virt-resize
> 1: otags: +filename=test.img +size=8589934592 +format=raw

This plan is completely bogus.  Why is it choosing to write to the
output file?

I think what's happened here is that when I rewrote the planner
it has exposed a latent bug.

It should be dropping any plan which involves running virt-resize on a
same-named file, since that is impossible.  Probably adjusting the
weights caused that plan to become the best one, exposing the
(existing) bug.

I'll have to think about this one ...


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