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Re: [Libguestfs] Libguestfs with Yara rules error

Hi Richard.

Few days ago, I installed libyara a libguestfs properly. But when I load a yara rule and scan it via guestfs_yara_scan, my binary throughts following error:

libguestfs: error: deserialise_yara_detection_list: Success

And function exists with NULL value. As we can see this function is on lib/yara.c from libguestfs git. I think that these yara functions are an integration for yara C api. All debug and trace log is in libguestfs-yara.debug file.

El 10/12/2019 a las 09:46, Richard W.M. Jones escribió:
On Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 09:19:47AM +0100, Luis wrote:
I am using libguestfs 1.40.2 and yara 3.11.0 but when I execute my program
it thoughts the following error:

$> ./yara-guestfs
libguestfs: error: yara_load: feature 'libyara' is not available in this
build of libguestfs.  Read 'AVAILABILITY' in the guestfs(3) man page for

If we check the manual, in guestfs appears guestfs_yara_load function so
libyara is installed. I installed and compiled it from tarballs.
This function:


returns 1 if HAVE_YARA is defined.  This is defined by this
./configure test:


In other words it depends how libguestfs was configured.  Where
did you get libguestfs from?  How was it compiled?


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