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Re: [Libguestfs] [libnbd] How close are we to declaring a stable API?

On 7/2/19 8:48 PM, Eric Blake wrote:

>> Is there anything else?
> Do we like the signature of all the callbacks? Right now, there is a
> slight inconsistency in that the 'int *error' parameter is last for
> block_status and notify callbacks, but comes before 'int status' for
> pread_structured. It would be a simple API switch to pread_structured to
> put it last there as well, but something we can't do after declaring
> stability.

Oh, we may also want to experiment with block sizes prior to declaring
API stable, in order to better support servers that want us to obey
strict NBD_INFO_BLOCK_SIZE.  We may find that it gets easier if we h ave
additional parameters and/or APIs to let clients easily perform
read-modify-write or similar to widen requests out to the granularities
required by the server.

And I still wonder if we need an nbd_aio_notify_error for use when
poll() fails with POLLHUP/POLLERR/POLLNVAL, to at least advance the
state machine into an error state.

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