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Re: [Libguestfs] [PATCH libnbd 0/2] Two patches to make libnbd work on FreeBSD.

On 7/3/19 11:17 AM, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> Two simple patches which make libnbd compile on FreeBSD.
> Are we OK to copy common/include/byte-swapping.h from nbdkit?  There
> is no license issue that I know of.

Agreed. Going from BSD -> LGPL never hurts (it's the reverse direction
where you have to be careful).

>  Should we put it in lib/ or
> create a common/ directory?  The header file is actually also needed
> by the tests (follow up patch for that) so putting it in common/ might
> make more sense.

We don't have a common/ yet, but I don't see any problem with adding
one, the way you did in nbdkit.

> Some notes if you want to compile on FreeBSD:
>  - OCaml is too old to run the generator, so you can't easily build
>    from git.  Tarball builds should work, or you can copy the
>    generated files across from a Linux machine.
>  - Running the tests is difficult because there is no nbdkit package
>    for FreeBSD.  With a local build of nbdkit you can play with PATH
>    and PKG_CONFIG_PATH to get the tests to work.
> Rich.

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