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[Libguestfs] Plans for virt-p2v


after the latest changes, I think that the split of virt-p2v should
be completed at this point.  I have a local branch of libguestfs to
track the removal of virt-p2v, and I do not see anything more left
of virt-p2v after removing all the bits already converted/moved.

Rich, I think it would be good for you to take a look at it, and check
whether everything is in order e.g. for releases -- no hurry needed.
As I do not do releases, I might have missed to copy/add something for
them.  In any case, I can do any change needed.

One thing about the version number: considering that virt-p2v drives
virt-v2v based on the capabilities returned by virt-2v, I do not think
there is a need to keep the version in sync with libguestfs.
Also, considering that virt-p2v is generally stable, we can get away
with the stable/unstable series, and just number each version as
1.XX.0 (so the next would be 1.41.0).  The .0 as patch version is kept
in case we need to hot-fix a version, so a .1 release can be done.

What do you think?

Pino Toscano

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