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Re: [Libguestfs] nbdkit / mingw support

On 3/21/20 7:06 AM, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

Yifan Gu has posted a few patches for mingw support.  My comments


* I think the SHARED_LDFLAGS idea is good.  I pushed a slightly
   different take on the idea here:
   It's slightly different from what Yifan posted above, because I
   replaced -module -avoid-version -shared with $(SHARED_LDFLAGS),
   adding -no-undefined additionally on mingw.

Why are we trying to avoid -no-undefined on other platforms? I do think it's annoying the way libtool picked their defaults: the lowest-common denominator in shared libraries is avoiding undefined symbols, while many platforms such as Linux permit it as extension. But instead of making libtool default to the lowest common denominator, instead, you HAVE to specify -no-undefined on platforms where undefined does not work, and on other platforms, the absence of -no-undefined lets you get away with extensions, while the explicit use of -no-undefined tells your toolchain to verify that indeed you are following the stricter compatibility setup of no undefined symbols. But if a strict setup is necessary for building on mingw, being able to validate on Linux that we are obeying a strict setup seems like it would be a good thing (then Linux builds can tell us if we accidentally introduce an undefined symbol dependency), rather than waiting until someone reports the problem on less-tested mingw.

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