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Re: [Libguestfs] [libnbd RFC PATCH] First stab at CI infrastructure

On Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 06:12:06PM +0200, Martin Kletzander wrote:
This is a first try for adding a CI to libnbd.  It uses the libvirt-ci to
get as much coverage as possible with the ease of use provided by that
repository.  Not all the data are available there at the time of posting
this patch, so if anyone wants to recreate the Containerfiles and
variable files (for cirrus CI) my temporary branch of libvirt-ci called


The result of this branch CI run is available here:


As you can see there are errors.  I went down a rabbit hole of trying to
figure out one of them, but ended up not being sure what the preferred
way of fixing that particular issue would be.  So instead of trying
myself and raising various questions every single day I am posting this
here as handling it myself would take too much time and I would be
bothering other people throughout days and days going forward.

If there are any questions related to how the CI is running, how it
works, how to replicate CI builds locally or how to change anything,
then I am more than happy to help.

Actually recreating the builds locally (at least for Linux distributions
and setups) is pretty straightforward. Choose a file from ci/containers
which represents the desired setup, for our example let's pick fedora
rawhide, and build your container and tag it, e.g. using podman (or feel
free to substitute "podman" with "docker"):

 podman build ci/containers/fedora-33.Dockerfile -t libnbd-fedora-rawhide

That will get you a container tagged `libnbd-fedora-rawhide` that you
can execute the tests on.  You can then run whatever you want inside
that container with the current repository passed through like this:

 podman run -it --rm -v .:/repo -w /repo libnbd-fedora-rawhide bash

which will bind-mount the current directory onto /repo inside the
container and also use that path as the working directory (just so you
do not have to `cd /repo` before any commands.  I prefer running bash,
but of course you can just run the build script used in the CI.  I have
put all the commands into one file for simplicity, so that you can
simply specifically `ci/build_script.sh`.  So simply executing that
script will give you the results and you can experiment right inside
that environment to figure out what is needed.  At the same time you can
easily modify any files inside that repository on your host, just like
you are used to, so that you can use your editor and other setups that
work for you.

Last few things to note:

- You should make sure that build files do not interfere between the
 host and the container, if you want to replicate a clean build you
 need to either use VPATH or just clean everything.

- No tests include running make distcheck as that seems a bit more
 broken and could be fixed after more pressing issues are dealt with,
 just so the output does not interfere in the meantime.

Let me know what you think, and have a nice day.

Polite ping.  Any thoughts?  Anything you'd like to change?


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