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Re: [Libguestfs] [libnbd PATCH 0/5] Introduce automated testing using GitLab CI

On Thu, May 06, 2021 at 01:30:05PM +0200, Martin Kletzander wrote:
> This is reworked version of
>   https://listman.redhat.com/archives/libguestfs/2021-March/msg00134.html
> with more packages installed so that more code paths are tested, also some fixes
> in the code (mostly requirements).
> There are still some things that fail.
> FreeBSD
> =======
> The build fails because there is no fallocate() there.

I'm actually not seeing a failure (FreeBSD 12.2).  Do you happen to
know what the build error was?

I'm seeing test failures though which I'll fix if they are easy.  I
think for non-Linux right now I'm most concerned about build failures.

> Many platforms (those that have nbd-server in repositories)
> ===========================================================
> interop/interop-nbd-server fails with:
>   Error: inetd mode requires syslog
>   Exiting.
> which makes sense as it is run with port 0, but how to check for
> whether it is compiled with or without syslog (so that we know to
> skip the test) or whether it is something else that is missing
> (capabilities in a container) is beyond me.

I wasn't able to reproduce this (on FreeBSD).  Do you know which
operating systems have nbd-server compiled without syslog?

> interop/list-exports-nbd-server gets stuck and in the CI times out the whole
> test suite.  Locally I need to manually exec into the container:
>   podman exec -itu bash
> and I see the nbd-server is just not doing anything.  After killing
> it the test ends and fails.  I did not debug nbd-server for this,
> maybe it is again some requisite that is missing and we are not
> checking for it (capability, nbd module access, etc.), I do not
> know.

FreeBSD seems OK here.  Do you know which OSes this affected?

> There are also some skips that I did not go into any more after
> trying to figure out every "... no" in config.log:

I wouldn't worry too much about these in terms of getting things
working.  We can always extend the CI later.

> Both interop-qemu-nbd-tls-certs and interop-qemu-nbd-tls-psk get
> skipped because they are missing the keys, but I presume those are
> supposed to be generated.

These require "certtool" (part of gnutls).

> I think that all these can be figured out after the final patch is
> merged so that the CI runs truly automatically.  I am posting it for
> review though as I am not sure the solutions in first four patches
> are the preferred ones.

I agree.



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