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[Libguestfs] [PATCH libnbd 3/3] copy: Update nbdcopy(1) about multiple connections

Using multiple connections does not depend now on NBD multi-conn flag.

Add a note about using --shared=4 in qemu-nbd to allow multiple

Signed-off-by: Nir Soffer <nsoffer redhat com>
 copy/nbdcopy.pod | 25 +++++++------------------
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

diff --git a/copy/nbdcopy.pod b/copy/nbdcopy.pod
index f710093..781bb10 100644
--- a/copy/nbdcopy.pod
+++ b/copy/nbdcopy.pod
@@ -103,10 +103,9 @@ output on the destination.
 =item B<--connections=>N
-Set the maximum number of NBD connections ("multi-conn").  By default
-nbdcopy will try to use multi-conn with up to 4 connections if the NBD
-server supports it.  If copying between NBD servers then nbdcopy
-cannot use multi-conn if either of the servers does not support it.
+Set the maximum number of NBD connections.  By default nbdcopy will try
+to use multiple connections with up to 4 connections. Some servers
+like L<qemu-nbd(8)> support only one connection by default.
 =item B<--destination-is-zero>
@@ -216,23 +215,13 @@ pipe, or a socket, or if you use the I<--synchronous> option, then
 nbdcopy works in synchronous mode with no parallelism, and nothing
 else in this section applies.
-The I<--connections=N> option controls NBD multi-conn (see
-L<libnbd(3)/Multi-conn>), opening up to N connections to the NBD
+The I<--connections=N> option open up to N connections to the NBD
 server (or to both NBD servers if copying between NBD servers).  This
-defaults to 4.  The NBD servers must support and advertise multi-conn.
-For L<nbdkit(1)> availability of multi-conn can depend on the plugin.
-You can use L<nbdinfo(1)> to find out if a particular NBD server is
-advertising multi-conn.  If the NBD server doesn’t advertise
-multi-conn then only one connection will be opened regardless of the
-I<--connections> flag.
-When copying between two NBD servers, the number of connections is
-limited to the minimum multi-conn supported on both sides.  For the
-purposes of this calculation, you can consider local files and block
-devices as supporting infinite multi-conn.
+defaults to 4. When using L<qemu-nbd(8)> you need to enable multiple
+conections using the I<--shared=4> command line option.
 When you run an NBD server as a subprocess (using the S<C<[ ... ]>>
-syntax) multi-conn cannot be used.
+syntax) multiple connections cannot be used.
 The I<--threads=N> option allows nbdcopy to start up to N threads
 (defaulting to the number of cores).  However nbdcopy cannot use more

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