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Re: [Libosinfo] [libosinfo PATCH 2/3] build: make curl optional, and only for tests

On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 05:23:32PM +0200, Pino Toscano wrote:
> Look for curl only when the tests are enabled, and as optional build
> dependency.  If curl is missing, then the two network tests are not
> built.  Also, limit the use of curl CFLAGS/LIBS only for the tests that
> really need it.
> As side result, it is possible to drop the curl BuildRequires from the
> mingw spec, as it builds with --enable-tests=no.
> Signed-off-by: Pino Toscano <ptoscano redhat com>

Reviewed-by: Daniel P. Berrange <berrange redhat com>

If someone feels motivated it would be nice to try and convert our
tests to use GIO for networking, if possible, so we don't need extra

Also I wonder we want an explicit --disable-network-tests to disable
just the tests which involve networking, for sake of build envs which
don't allow networking.

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