[Libosinfo] [osinfo-db PATCH 1/5] install-script, windows, desktop: Do not set user avatar for win8+

Fabiano Fidêncio fidencio at redhat.com
Thu Jun 6 12:31:08 UTC 2019

For Windows 8+ the image format and expected sizes of the image are
different than what's used for Windows 7 (or older).

This could be implemented (and then, re-enabled) in the future. But, for
now, let's just not set user avatar for win8+ as it's not going to work
there with the current state of libosinfo & consumers.

Signed-off-by: Fabiano Fidêncio <fidencio at redhat.com>
 .../install-script/microsoft.com/windows-cmd-desktop.xml.in | 6 ++++++
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)

diff --git a/data/install-script/microsoft.com/windows-cmd-desktop.xml.in b/data/install-script/microsoft.com/windows-cmd-desktop.xml.in
index 7fee340..978bafd 100644
--- a/data/install-script/microsoft.com/windows-cmd-desktop.xml.in
+++ b/data/install-script/microsoft.com/windows-cmd-desktop.xml.in
@@ -86,8 +86,14 @@ net localgroup administrators <xsl:value-of select="config/user-realname"/> /add
 net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited
 REGEDIT /S <xsl:call-template name="script-disk"/>:\windows.reg
+<!-- Do not try to copy the user avatar for Windows 8+.
+     Windows 8+ needs a more than one image, with different sizes, in order to
+     properly set the user's avatar all over the place.
+     Reference: https://gitlab.com/libosinfo/osinfo-db/issues/24 -->
+<xsl:if test="os/version < 6.2">
 if not "<xsl:value-of select="config/avatar-location"/>"=="" copy "<xsl:value-of select="config/avatar-disk"/>:<xsl:value-of select="config/avatar-location"/>" "<xsl:call-template name="avatar-destination"/>
 <xsl:call-template name="post-install-drivers-disk"/>:
 <xsl:if test="config/driver-signing = 'false' and os/version > 5.1">

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