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Re: [Libosinfo] [osinfo-db PATCH] centos7: Add CentOS 7 entry

On 3/5/19 2:03 PM, Fabiano Fidêncio wrote:
> "centos7" is the preferred way to display and advertise CentOS 7, mainly
> because CentOS does not support pointing releases at all.
> After talking with Jim Perrin, a CentOS board member, we've decided that
> the change from centos7.0 to centos7 would be the way to go.
> As we can't break backward compatibility, we can't just rename
> centos-7.0.xml.in to centos-7.xml.in and adjust the bits accordingly.
> Knowing that, the path to take is creating a new centos-7.xml.in entry
> that contains exactly the same content of centos-7.0.xml.in, adjust the
> bits in the new entry and change centos-7.0 to "clone" centos-7.
> Although this is not the most elegant solution, it ensures we properly
> advertise CentOS in the way its community wants and also do not break
> backward compatibility.
> Signed-off-by: Fabiano Fidêncio <fabiano fidencio org>

This strikes me as unpleasant, just to essentially fix a short-id name.
Multiple <short-id> is allowed in the rng and there's some examples in
data/ already, see every ubuntu entry for example. But there's no way
via the API to access that info so it's presently useless.

What would adding actual support for multiple <short-id> , or some kind
of alias system, look like? We could add a new prop
OSINFO_PRODUCT_PROP_SHORT_IDS, which instead returns a list, and
get_short_ids() API to match. If apps are already using the filter APIs
to do OS lookup in some way, maybe we make filtering by
OSINFO_PRODUCT_PROP_SHORT_ID also check the SHORT_IDS list, so they will
'just work' in picking up the change in that respect. virt-manager
doesn't use those APIs so it would need to be adjusted a bit

Or stick with a single short-id and add an explicit <alias> field with

- Cole

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