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[Libosinfo] [PATCH osinfo-db 0/7] tests: misc bits

Here's a series of some small improvements to the test suite. The
big pieces are:

* fixing test_isoinfo to not miss some test data
* filtering the list of objects we pass to each test case to reduce
  run time, and reduce pytest report output
* Add a custom pytest-3 --network-tests option for triggering test_urls

There are on top of Fabiano's ACKd test suite patches for devices/
resources that aren't pushed yet


Cole Robinson (7):
  tests: test_isoinfo: Remove shortid from _ISODataMedia
  tests: osinfo: Add some pretty printing for Os objects
  tests: test_isoinfo: Parameterize based on input OS
  tests: add os_parameterize
  tests: utils: Provide helpers for filtering the OS list
  tests: test_validation: Remove execute bit
  tests: Add custom pytest-3 --network-tests option

 tests/conftest.py        | 17 ++++++++++++
 tests/osinfo.py          |  3 ++
 tests/test_devices.py    |  4 +--
 tests/test_isoinfo.py    | 60 +++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 tests/test_resources.py  | 11 ++++----
 tests/test_urls.py       | 15 ++--------
 tests/test_validation.py |  0
 tests/util.py            | 39 ++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 8 files changed, 98 insertions(+), 51 deletions(-)
 mode change 100755 => 100644 tests/test_validation.py


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