[Libvir] BUG: virDomainLookupByID fails after XenStore path discovery

Bryan D. Payne bryan at thepaynes.cc
Mon Apr 3 16:01:17 UTC 2006

I just updated to the latest CVS version of libvir.  It looks like  
there's a bug in virDomainLookupByID.  The behavior that I'm seeing  
is that the path variable is set and so the code never enters the  
block to find the value for name.  Therefore, at the end of the  
function, the condition (ret->name == NULL) is true and it jumps into  
the error code and returns NULL.

If I comment out the code that sets the path variable, things seem to  
work normally.  Although, I presume that the idea was to extract the  
name from the path information...


Bryan D. Payne
Graduate Student, Computer Science
Georgia Tech Information Security Center

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