[Libvir] Request for additional entry points

Jim Fehlig jfehlig at novell.com
Fri Apr 7 21:40:10 UTC 2006

Daniel Veillard wrote:

>>Looking at virDomainParseXMLDesc() in xml.c I see we are not accounting 
>>for a <on_reboot> element (or on_crash, on_poweroff) in the XML.  Are 
>  I wasn't sure how much this was needed, clearly it is now.
>>you working on this Daniel or should I take a stab at it?  I'm guessing 
>>you just want elements like
>  Yes.
>  Please go ahead, I didn't yet applied your previous patch but it looks 
>sensible, just some bogus logic was left from the old code.
>>Same goes turning sxp to XML in xend_parse_sexp_desc() in xend_internal.c.
>  Yup. just provide information about the new elements added and their values
>so I can extend the documentation page about the XML format (at some point 
>I will also provide a Relax-NG or XSD schemas to validate them).

Ok, here is a patch that accounts for various lifecycle events, e.g. 
on_reboot, on_poweroff, on_crash. The new elements (children of domain 
element) are

on_reboot: Action to be taken when domain is rebooted.
on_poweroff: Action to be taken when a power off or shutdown operation 
is performed inside the domain.
on_crash: Action to be taken when domain crashes.

action values can be one of
destroy: The domain is cleaned up as normal.
restart: A new domain is started in place of the old one.
preserve: The domain will remain in memory until it is destroyed manually.
rename-restart: The domain will remain in memory until it is destroyed 
manually, and a new, renamed domain is started.

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