[Libvir] Problems installing libvir

Jim Fehlig jfehlig at novell.com
Mon Apr 24 22:40:18 UTC 2006

Karel Zak wrote:

>On Mon, Apr 24, 2006 at 05:02:16PM -0400, Subrahmanian, Raj wrote:
>>I am trying to install libvir on my SUSE box.
>>The .configure command halts with the following message.
>>ibxml2   xml2-config  ... yes ('')
>>checking for initscr in -lcurses... no
>>configure: error: curses library not found
>>But, I have installed curses, and cdk.
>>linux:~/xen/libvirt-0.1.0 # whereis curses
>>curses: /usr/include/curses.h /usr/include/curses
>>What am I missing out here?
> ncurses vs. curses ?

Yes, this is the problem.  I hacked configure.in to look for ncurses but 
have not had time (or forgot) to submit a proper patch.

> Maybe we should check for ncurses in the libvirt configure script.

yep.  I will have to recall the proper way to look for both and submit 
patch, unless someone beats me to it.


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