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Re: [Libvir] autogen.sh error

On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 10:06:41AM +0100, Ronald Aigner wrote:
> >   Currently there is only Xen support, I'm starting to work on glue for
> > QEmu, but this requires first modification on QEmu and I'm working
> > on that. As discussed last week (see the list archive) we will need some
> > code refactoring to really implement access to other hypervisors/emulators.
> >   What do you have in mind ? 
> I am part of the L4 group in Dresden (www.l4hq.org and
> www.tudos.org/L4). It seems reasonable to combine efforts to provide
> some hypervisor management facilities. Some collegue pointed me to the
> libvirt project. I am well aware that there is more to the
> virtualization effort than 'just' providing another backend to libvirt.
> So, we think that it is a good idea to integrate our facilities to
> manage (para-)virtualized operating systems on L4 into libvirt. What do
> you think?

  Resurrecting that old thread.
I think that the new architecture of libvirt, as in 0.1.0 should make 
the work of adding a driver for something like l4 quite easier. The
main libvirt.c code may still call directly the Xen drivers, but that
should now be easy to tidy up and plug new modules.


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