[Libvir] Re: Virtual CPU functions

Philippe Berthault Philippe.Berthault at Bull.net
Wed Aug 2 07:48:35 UTC 2006

> Just a C implem nitpick, but that can lead to interesting debugging
> sessions (I think I got beaten by that a couple of time).
>   Nowhere the compiler can guess that you're accessing a 2 dimentional array
> with a row of length domInfo.nrVirtCpu, it's a one dimension array so I
> think cpuMaps[vcpu][byteCpu] is equivalent to cpuMaps[vcpu + byteCpu] there
> and unless I misunderstood both case that won't work as expected. This is
> also why I suggested a macro this can of code is easy to get wrong.
> Daniel
OK, you are right. ;-)

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