[Libvir] New virt-manager release v0.2.0

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Wed Aug 23 14:05:15 UTC 2006

I'm pleased to announce the availabilty of another snapshot / development
release of virt-manager, version 0.2.0. The major new capabilities in this
release include:

 * First cut of a wiziard for creating both paravirt & fullyvirt 
   guest VMs. aka the gui equivalent of xenguest-install.py
   You can find out more about this in the new screenshots section:


 * An embedded serial console viewer - no need to go to the shell and
   use 'xm console' anymore. This is actually used for the paravirt 
   guest instllation if your XenU kernel does not support the new VNC
   framebuffer (not yet in xen-unstable)

 * Hooked up the config dialog for adjusting vcpus & memory for active

 * Extended  RFB protocol handler code to support the 'desktop resize'
    extensions in the VNC widget - so the graphical console has correct
   size when the guest switches screen resolutions

The tar.gz for the release can be found on the download page:


NB, I'm not providing RPMs in my people.redhat.com YUM repo because we're
intending to build this release straight into Fedora rawhide. I'll send
a followup message when they're avaiable there.

NB-2. there is a dependnacy on the 'xeninst' python library which is a
new library built from re-factoring xenguest-install.py You can get this
from rawhide in the python-xeninst  RPM, or direct from the mercurial


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