[Libvir] Virtual Machine Manager 0.1.5 release

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Thu Jul 20 20:32:01 UTC 2006

I've just pushed out another snapshot of the Virtual Machine Manager GUI
application for managing Xen machines via libvirt.

A summary of the changes in this 0.1.5 release[1]:

 * Integration with GNOME keyring for the VNC console to avoid
   need to remember passwords when accessing the guest domain's
 * Use cairo to render a '50% alpha gray wash' over the screenshot
   to give appearance of a 'dimmed' display when paused. Also render
   the word 'paused' in big letters.
 * Initial cut of code for saving & restoring domain snapshots to disk
 * Added icons for buttons which were missing graphics
 * Miscellaneous RPM spec file fixes to comply with rpmlint
 * Update status icons to match those in the gnome-applet-vm
 * Added domain ID and # VCPUs to summary view
 * Misc bug fixes

The next priority target for development is some UI for creating new
VM instances (a GUI equivalent of xenguest-install.py script shipping
with current Fedora Xen packages) and implenenting the UI for editing
domain configuration / hardware.

In addition there is now a more permanent home for the application's
web pages:


And the Mercurial repository is now published for anonymous read-only
access at:


Patches are welcome either as traditional unified diffs, or as mercurial
changeset bundles - see the following page for details on exporting bundles
using hg:



[1] There was a 0.1.4 but it had a fatal flaw in it breaking the console
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