[Libvir] Release of libvir-0.1.1

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Wed Jun 21 12:56:52 UTC 2006

  I realized yesterday that Xen unstable changeset 10277 broke the 
hypervisor API on i686, which led to some interesting debugging and
hopefully a clean solution for this problem. I think it is worth making
a release then even if the 4 new APIs for defined but non-running domains
are not complete (pending more information on Xend API changes). There is
still some meat in this release.
  One notable improvement is that it should be fairly simple to add support
for new virtualization back-end now that the driver code has been cleaned
up, the new test driver to do regression test from Daniel Berrange is
a good example:

*  building fixes:
 - ncurses fallback (Jim Fehlig)
 - VPATH builds (Daniel P. Berrange)
* driver cleanups:
 - new entry points
 - cleanup of libvirt.c (with Daniel P. Berrange)
* Cope with API change introduced in Xen changeset 10277
* new test driver for regression checks (Daniel P. Berrange)
* improvements:
 - added UUID to XML serialization
 - buffer usage (Karel Zak)
 - --connect argument to virsh (Daniel P. Berrange),
* bug fixes:
 - uninitialized memory access in error reporting
 - S-Expr parsing (Jim Fehlig, Jeremy Katz)
 - virConnectOpen bug
 - remove a TODO in xs_internal.c
* documentation:
 - Python examples (David Lutterkort)
 - new Perl binding URL
 - man page update (Karel Zak) 

  thanks to everybody who helped with this release, with code, patches, bug
reports, etc...

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