[Libvir] Xen/libVirt GUI app: "Virtual Machine Manager"

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Wed Jun 28 20:09:39 UTC 2006

I'm pleased to make available the code for an early *development snapshot*
of a graphical application for managing virtual machines. This application
is using libvirt as its backend API for managing virtual machines, while
the user interface is built in Python and GTK/Glade. The application allows
monitoring of guest VM resource utilization / allocation. There are basic
controls for controlling the run state of guest. There is also a VNC client
widget (written in pure Python!) for displaying the virtual guest framebuffer
on fully-virt machines:


This is a very early snapshot - lots of functionality isn't hooked up
yet, the error handling is mostly not there, and there are certainly
plenty of bugs. It should none-the-less give a reasonable feel for the
kind of direction the application will evolve in. Furthermore the website
includes the UI mockups done by our user interaction designers to show
some of the ideas considered in ongoing development of the application.

The RPMs linked to from the website should install on both Fedora Core 5[1]
and Fedora Core 6 test1. The FAQ contains a list of explicit dependancies
which should facilitate people trying to get it running on non-Fedora Linux


[1] You'll need libvirt-0.1.1 from updates-testing
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