[Libvir] [Patch 0/4] Xen inactive domain

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Mon Sep 4 00:28:00 UTC 2006

The following series of patches add support for managing inactive domains 
with Xen. Based on DV's recent xm config file reader, it processes all domains
in /etc/xen (skipping known bogus files, xmexmaple*, xend-config.sxp). It can
do all the operations you'd expect for managing inactive domains. Create a
new domain, start a domain, list domains, delete a domain, change cpu / memory,
get XML for domain.

The impact on existing driver backends is very small - the only place which
needed changing is the XenD code which lookups existing domains - making it
be quiet if it get s a 404 error from XenD - this is to be expected if the
domain is inactive. 

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