[Libvir] Configuration and building libvirt.

Michel Gauthier Michel.Gauthier at bull.net
Wed Sep 13 09:42:44 UTC 2006

We want to configure and build libvirt library (0.1.4 for instance) from 
tar.gz file on a IA32 platform with RHEL4U2 distro without installing and 
build all Xen modules.
The steps are the following:
    tar -xzvf libvirt-0.1.4.tar.gz
    cd libvirt-0.1.4
    ./configure --prefix=/usr
    make install

Unfortunatly, the "./configure --prefix=/usr " aborts with:
    checking for library containing xs_read... no
    configure: error: Xen store library not found
(see attached file)
corresponding to lines:
    dnl search for the Xen store library
    AC_SEARCH_LIBS(xs_read, [xenstore], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR([Xen store library 
not found])])
in the configure file.
We have then transfered the libxenstore.so file into /usr/lib directory of 
our machine, but the result is the same.
(NB: We had previously transferred all Xen public C header files into 
/usr/include/xen directory)

1- Could you tell us what are the Xen files strictly necessary to achieve 
this operation?
2- Is this operation also possible with a IA64 building environment on our 
IA32 platform?

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