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[Libvir] virtinst 0.100.0 and virt-manager 0.3.0 releases

Following on from the recent libvirt 0.1.11 release, I'm pleased to announce
new releases of the virtinst & virt-manager applications. 

The virtinst 0.100.0 release is a major re-factoring to make use of the
libvirt inactive domain management APIs when provisioning guests. It also
tries to clean up many of the Xen specific bits to facilitate future use
with the QEMU backend of libvirt. From a usability point of view it also
now displays progress information when downloading kernel & initrd and
creating the filesystem images.

The virt-manager 0.3.0 release brings a major functionality update, enabling 
of inactive domain management. This requires libvirt at least version 0.1.11
to provide implementations of inactive domain management for Xen 3.0.3
and Xen 3.0.4. With this new functionality the display will list all
guests which are in the 'shutoff' state. The guest can be started with
the 'Run' button in the virtual console window. The vistinst package
must also be updated to at least version 0.100.0 to ensure that during
provisioning of guests it uses the new inactive domain management APIs.
Finally there have been a variety of minor UI fixes & enhancements
such as progress bars during guest creation, reliability fixes to the
virtual console and even greater coverage for translations.

As of today, virtinst is now formally a part of the virt-manager project,
so downloads for both virtinst & virt-manager are available from the same
download page:


All historical release from virtinst 0.95.0 onwards are available there.

In addition, to encourage / facilitate broader community development & 
feedback on the virtinst/virt-manager applications we have decided to 
designate et-mgmt-tools redhat com as the project primary mailing list:


We welcome feedback on what additional capabilities / features people would 
like to see in future virtinst / virt-manager releases.  As a taste of things
to come, we have active developments plans for:

 - Secure authenticated remote management
 - Support for QEMU & KVM virtualization

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