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Re: [Libvir] Asynchronous notifications of domain start/stop

On Wed, Jul 18, 2007 at 10:56:42AM +0100, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> I had some private discussions with a developer who wants to start using 
> libvirt, but requires asynch notifications of domain start/stop (and 
> other stuff, but this will do for the moment).  Right now he's using 
> XenStore watches.  The alternative of polling didn't look very appealing 
> for him.
> A rough API for this might look like this:
> typedef int virEventHandle;
> /* Register a callback to catch domain start events. */
> virEventHandle virEventDomainStart
>     (virConnectPtr,
>      void (*f) (virConnectPtr, int domid));
> /* Register a callback to catch domain stop events. */
> virEventHandle virEventDomainStop
>     (virConnectPtr,
>      void (*f) (virConnectPtr, int domid));
> /* Unregister any type of callback. */
> int virEventCancel (virConnectPtr, virEventHandle handle);

Yuk - this is going to give an ever growing number of callbacks - there
are many interesting states besides Start & Start. Pause, resume, save,
restore.  Probably want something that takes

   void (*virDomainStateNotify)(virDomainPtr dom, int state);

The 'state' value could be any  virDomainState  constant - though we should
not notify for changes betweeen  'nostate', 'running' and 'blocked' because
they all effectively just mean 'running' and Xen domains ossicilate between
them many times a second. Or maybe define a different set of 'state' 
transitions to represent the actiohn triggered, rather than the resulting
state ?

Any you could register with:

   virDomainRegisterStateNotify(virDomainPtr, virDomainStateNotify);

A pre-requisite of using these notifications would be that the application
had registered an event loop implementation, as per


See src/event.c and srv/event.h for actual impls we already have.

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