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Re: [Libvir] [PATCH] virDomainMigrate version 4 (for discussion only!)

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
Attached is an updated patch which adds a "virsh migrate" subcommand.

I also rebuilt the API & Python binding using the generator.

Two known problems with the auto-generated Python binding at the moment:

(1) It's attached to the connection object (conn.migrate (...)) instead of the domain object (dom.migrate (...)). It looks like the generator is confused about a function which takes both a domain ptr and a connect ptr.

Actually the above isn't right. The generator makes two copies of the function:

  class virDomain:
      def migrate(self, dconn, flags, dname, uri, bandwidth):


  class virConnect:
      def migrate(self, domain, flags, dname, uri, bandwidth):

The first (virDomain.migrate) binding unfortunately still a contained problem: The generator doesn't understand that the domain object which is returned exists in the scope of the destination connection (dconn, not conn).

This was solved in the general case when I added the virDomainGetConnect[1] function, so I will change the Python generator accordingly in a future patch.

The second (virConnect.migrate) binding is correct, although a little peculiar. You would have to use it like this:
  dconn.migrate (domain, etc.).
If people are happy with this, I will leave it.

(2) I need to get the generator to export the VIR_MIGRATE_LIVE flag. At the moment you need to pass 0|1 for the flag parameter.

Added this to the upcoming (version 5) patch.



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