[Libvir] Use virsh to monitor qemud

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Sun Jun 3 15:28:47 UTC 2007

On Sun, Jun 03, 2007 at 02:29:27PM +0200, Fabian Deutsch wrote:
> Hey,
> I jsut installed Fedora 7 and tried to install some guests and it worked
> like a charm. I use qemu for full virtulization.
> A couple of minutes later i stumbled across libvirts virtsh. But now I
> wonder how I cna use virtsh to connect to qemud - all I get is something
> like: "Can't connect to hyperisor."

Make sure you're telling virsh to connect to QEMU instead of Xen. There
are two possible connections you can make. One is the system wide instance
called qemu:///system - this allows root fully access, and users readonly
access. For this use

   virsh --connect qemu:///system  list

Or if you're not root

   virsh --connect qemu:///system --readonly list

Alternatively if you don't have root access, there is a per-user instance
but you won't get access to any kernel accceleration

  virsh --connect qemu:///session list

You can also set

  export VIRSH_DEFAULT_CONNECT_URI=qemu:///system

If you don't want to type --connect URI  every time 

If you were using virt-manager the title bar will tell you which it connected
to. Normally it will be the system instance if you allowed it to run in
privileged mode

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