[Libvir] patch status

Mark Johnson johnson.nh at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 15:20:35 UTC 2007

Ok, just a quick check so I can get my head on straight... :-)

This patch was withdrawn..
   [PATCH] return 0 networks if Network driver not implemented

These patches have been applied
   [PATCH] Spelling fix
   [PATCH] null pointer fix on debug build
   [PATCH] setvcpus message
   [PATCH] vcpuinfo message
   [PATCH] _N() has a conflict in Solaris

This patch looks like it's about to be applied (with some addition
changes from Rich)
  [PATCH] header file changes for Solaris

And these three are still being hashed out.
   [PATCH] setmem checks
   [PATCH] hypervisor version
   [PATCH] Solaris dom0 support


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