[Libvir] request for libvirt documentation improvement

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Thu Jun 28 09:04:51 UTC 2007

Philippe Berthault wrote:
> The documentation of libvirt doesn't indicate which functions are for 
> Xen or QEMU or both. The only way to know that, is by searching in 
> libvirt sources.
> It would be interesting for libvirt users to add in the documentation, 
> for each function, a mention such as "QEMU only", "Xen(TM) only", "QEMU 
> and Xen(TM)", etc..

Thanks for looking into this.

> Regards.
> Libvirt 0.2.3 functions dedicated to QEMU only:
> virConnectListDefinedNetworks
> virConnectListNetworks
> virConnectNumOfDefinedNetworks
> virConnectNumOfNetworks

The above should work on Xen too ...

> virNetworkCreate
> virNetworkCreateXML
> virNetworkDefineXML
> virNetworkDestroy
> virNetworkFree
> virNetworkGetAutostart
> virNetworkGetBridgeName
> virNetworkGetName
> virNetworkGetUUID
> virNetworkGetUUIDString
> virNetworkGetXMLDesc
> virNetworkLookupByName
> virNetworkLookupByUUID
> virNetworkLookupByUUIDString
> virNetworkSetAutostart
> virNetworkUndefine

The network functions currently use the QEMU server.  That's a strange 
historical artifact that should be removed (or perhaps has been by Dan's 
patches - I have yet to check them in detail).

> Libvirt 0.2.3 functions dedicated to Xen(TM) only:
> virConnectGetMaxVcpus
> virConnectGetType
> virDomainAttachDevice
> virDomainCoreDump
> virDomainDetachDevice
> virDomainGetMaxMemory
> virDomainGetSchedulerParameters
> virDomainGetSchedulerType
> virDomainPinVcpu
> virDomainReboot
> virDomainSetMaxMemory
> virDomainSetMemory
> virDomainSetSchedulerParameters
> virDomainSetVcpus

A lot of these are Xen-specific features.  Some may one day be supported 
by kvm when it gets proper, working SMP support.  I notice they got an 
SMP guest to boot a couple of weeks ago.  However virConnectGetType 
should work on QEMU.


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