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Re: [Libvir] Use virsh to monitor qemud

Fabian Deutsch wrote:

I jsut installed Fedora 7 and tried to install some guests and it worked
like a charm. I use qemu for full virtulization.

A couple of minutes later i stumbled across libvirts virtsh. But now I
wonder how I cna use virtsh to connect to qemud - all I get is something
like: "Can't connect to hyperisor."


Currently the way things work is that libvirt_qemud needs to be "managing" the qemu instances which are running. It needs to have started them, it needs to be still connected to their consoles.

However your error message is a bit different, and seems to indicate that virsh is either trying to connect to the Xen hypervisor or cannot connect to libvirt_qemud. It's hard to know because you need to post a lot more detail about what you're doing -- the exact virsh command you are typing, for example. You could also try stracing the virsh process to see what is failing.


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