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[Libvir] Merging remote patch -- done. Some notes.

The remote patch is now in libvirt CVS. It builds for me. If you have a problem building the CVS version of libvirt, then please post the errors on this list.

Here are some notes:

(1) libvirt now requires GnuTLS[1] even if you disable remote functionality. This is because the qemud server (which now also doubles as the remote server) now supports TLS connections, even though such connections cannot occur unless you enable remote support. Makes sense? Not particularly: If you have a serious objection to requiring GnuTLS then let me know and I may be able to rework things so that TLS support is optional.

(2) Please read the docs for how to set up TLS certificates: http://libvirt.org/remote.html#Remote_certificates

(3) You need to have a remote daemon running, which is separate from the qemu daemon. If you want to run them by hand for testing purposes, do:

  /usr/sbin/libvirt_qemud --remote --verbose     # remote
  /usr/sbin/libvirt_qemud --system --verbose     # qemud

in separate windows. The daemons are independent of each other, so you can, for example, have qemud support without remote support or vice versa.

(4) Perl is required, but -- note -- *only* if you are a developer and you want to modify the guts of the remote or qemu wire protocols. In all other cases the generated files that you need should be distributed in CVS and in the libvirt tarballs, and so there should be no need to have Perl installed.


[1] http://www.gnu.org/software/gnutls/

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