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Re: [Libvir] Extending libvirt to probe NUMA topology

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
 - Linux/Solaris Xen - hypercalls
- Linux non-Xen - libnuma - Solaris non-Xen - liblgrp

The Xen & Linux modelling seems reasonably similar IIRC, but Solaris is
a slightly different representational approach.

The Solaris approach seems to be fully hierarchical as far as I can work out.

That seems to argue for extending the capabilities XML to describe nodes, in as much as the XML can start off as a flat list of NUMA nodes (for IBM) but later be made hierarchical if necessary.

Yes that is correct. We should not change the default - let the OS appply
whatever policy it sees fit by default, since over time OS are tending
towards being able to automagically determine & apply NUMA policy.

Or add another domain creation call which allows passing an additional set of hints. One of the hints would be initial cpu pinning.


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