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Re: [Libvir] [PATCH] Solaris dom0 support

A few general questions (referring to version 2 of this patch):

Solaris doesn't require Xen hypervisor structures to be locked into memory on hypercalls? I see the same thing happens in libxc too, so that's right, but I don't understand how the hypervisor swaps pages in if they aren't present ...

I agree with Dan that if it's possible to do the capabilities stuff using a hypercall, we should just do that and ditch the old Linux regexp/parsing code.

I'm curious about this:

+    if (strncmp(s, "Auth" "cAMD" "enti", 12) == 0) {

and this:

+    } else if (strncmp(s, "Genu" "ntel" "ineI", 12) == 0) {

For the rest I don't have anything to say beyond what Dan has already said. The patch looks like it's almost there.


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