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Re: [Libvir] Register libvirtd ports with IANA ?

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
For the libvirtd we currently use two ports

  16509  - TCP unencrypted stream
  16514  - TLS encrypted stream

My first thought is that we should really use consequetive port numbers
eg 16510 and 16511.

A few comments ...

We don't need to use two ports if we either use a "STARTTLS"-style upgrading of unencrypted to encrypted connections (which is the recommended way to do things instead of using two ports), or more simply we just ditch unencrypted connections. They're disabled by default anyway and not in any way required unless we want libvirt to build without GnuTLS.

The port number (16514) is not allocated by IANA, which is good.

IANA registration is a good thing because it makes it less likely that libvirtd will fail to start because some other service is using that port.

No one got my ZX81 joke, obviously ...


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