[Libvir] [PATCH] patch for virsh domname <uuid> command error

Tatsuro Enokura fj7716hz at aa.jp.fujitsu.com
Fri Mar 2 02:11:11 UTC 2007

Hi, Dan

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
>>>> and shut-off domain's information is got from xend.
>>>> I make a patch for xend_internal.c
>>>> The attached patch resolve this issue in the following way:
>>>>   1) If the domain's name can't be pulled out from
>>>>      the running domains list by uuid, request xend by
>>>>      "/xend/domains/<uuid>".
>>>>   2) If the domain's data can be teken from xend, pull out
>>>>      the domain's name.
>>> It looks like a reasonable patch - I'll do a little testing and if
>>> it works on Fedora 7 I'll add it to CVS.
>> Could you tell me the test result on this patch?
>> If the test is fine, please commit it.
> So, in previous XenD you were not able to request a domain based on UUID,
>  eg   GET /xen/domain/3ef946bb4d5033a8cdba29f405de11ea
> was not a valid URL served by XenD. So we basically did a get on /xen/domain/
> to build a list of names, and then iterate over them, fetching each one in
> turn until we found the one we wanted. This is obviously horribly slow,
> but the only option we had on Xen < 3.0.4
> Now, that XenD does allow lookups based on UUID, I am changing your patch
> so that it *always* does the lookup based on UUID, so that we avoid the
> slow path completely on Xen >= 3.0.4
> I propose to apply the attached patch version - anyone else with comments ?

Thank you for your reply,
I think that your partch is more better.

Tatsuro Enokura

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