[Libvir] Alternate dnsmasq command line args ?

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Fri Mar 9 03:17:39 UTC 2007

Currently we launch dnsmasq with a command line looking like:

   dnsmasq --keep-in-foreground 
           --except-interface lo

This causes DNSMASQ to listen on any network interface configured with
an IP address of '', except for loopback. 

I know it would be kind of unusual, but it is possible two interface
might be both configured with the same address. I think it may be
safer if we explicitly tell it to use virbr0 instead eg

           --interface virbr0
           --except-interface lo 

Yes, the --except-interface lo is still needed due to wierd ass dnsmasq
rules which make it always use loopback unless you tell it not to.

I'm also not clear why we use --conf-file - we're not actually telling it
about any config file so this seems redundant ?

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