[Libvir] [RFC]OpenVZ XML def

Shuveb Hussain shuveb at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 19:02:36 UTC 2007


>     - os: that's probably one place where OpenVZ may be quite different from
>       Xen and QEmu, still what does the string 'slackware-10.2-i386-minimal'
>       mean ? Is that a pointer to a file ? If yes shouldn't the associated
>       content be in the XML instead

Under OpenVZ, there is no choice for the user as far as the OS is
concerned. He has to live with Linux and Linux alone :-)

So, in OpenVZ I think there is not need to specify '<os>' at all. When
we are talking about a template, we are actually talking about what
becomes the file system for the VM, so we should probably have
something like this:


Also, it is possible to specify VM level and VM user/grp level disk
quotas for VMs in number of  1K blocks. These can also go under the
'disk' tag. But I think I will discuss this later.

        <quota level='vm'>102400</quota>
        <quote level='user' username='root'>102400</quota>

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