parted/LVM for ET [Re: [Libvir] Storage manager initial requirements and thoughts

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at
Wed Mar 14 09:17:37 UTC 2007

Jim Meyering wrote:
> How important do you guys think having LVM support will be to ET projects?
> And when will you need it?

For my point of view, as former sysadmin, virtualisation and LVM are 
such a natural  fit for each other that I can hardly imagine _not_ 
provisioning new virtual servers from space in a VG.

I did look at the API for libparted a few months ago (actually from the 
rather ancient released version on and it didn't look to me 
like there was any way to express LVM notions through the API, so I 
guess this will require a lot of new API calls and structures?

Some more open question to everyone else:
Do we need Python bindings?
Should libvirt's C API use/expose libparted structures directly?
(And how would this affect the remote case?)


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