[Libvir] Re: [Fedora-xen] BUG at arch/x86_64/mm/../../i386/mm/hypervisor.c:185!

Naoki naoki at valuecommerce.com
Tue May 22 07:20:41 UTC 2007

> That's the same set-up I'm using.  Do you get this problem often?  Is it 
> reproducible?  Is there a particular thing that you are doing when this 
> happens?

Only seen it once so far, at the time I was running my i386 install of
firefox (I have 32/64 versions installed mainly for flash) and had a
couple of flash pages up and running at the same time.  I noticed that
my browser, and evolution became unresponsive at the same time and I had
to force quit them.  

I'm trying to push my firefox/flash again to see if it barfs.
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