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Re: [Libvir] build problems with latest cvs version

Hi Dan,

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:

I did the configure step with the following parameters including --
disable-bridge-params as suggested by Mark:

 ./configure --disable-shared --disable-bridge-params --with-test=no

But make failed again. This time in libvirt/test directory. Is this
mandatory for using libvirt?

<make error>
gcc -g -O2 -o xmlrpctest xmlrpctest.o testutils.o xmlrpc.o  -L/usr/
lib /usr/lib/libxml2.so -lz -lpthread -lm -lxenstore
xmlrpctest.o(.text+0x24b): In function `testMarshalRequestINT':
/opt/test/libvirt/tests/xmlrpctest.c:142: undefined reference to


</make error>

I already tried to disable the testing feature with --with-test=no.
But I suppose that this is not the right way.

The --with-test  disables the 'test' hypervisor driver, not the test
suite. The problem you see is because you used '--disable-shared' in
the configure script. We aren't currently able to build the test suite
if shared libraries are disabled.

Wow. That worked. Libvirt is now compiled.
Thanks a lot for your help guys.



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