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Re: [Libvir] The fist problem to compile libvirt in a Debian etch.

Marco Sinhoreli wrote:
Hello list,

I'm writing a how-to about libvirt compilation in Debian Etch. Well, I tried to compile version 0.1.11 in a Debian etch completly newly built from debootstrap. These are the steps that I took:
----- init commands
apt-get install make gcc
# cd /usr/src && wget http://libvirt.org/sources/libvirt-cvs-snapshot.tar.gz && tar -xzvf libvirt-cvs-snapshot.tar.gz
# cd libvirt-0.1.11

It looks like CVS snapshots aren't being updated! The one on the site at the moment dates from 2007-02-14 and as you found out contains libvirt-0.1.11, which is ancient history. I'll ask Daniel Veillard about that one next week.

I also tried building libvirt on Debian and didn't get very far either. But we're committed to making libvirt work on Debian (and Ubuntu, and other free OSes for that matter).

So if you have the time can you try this to get the latest CVS version:

# apt-get install cvs gcc make gettext automake1.9

$ cvs -d ':pserver:anoncvs libvirt org:2401/data/cvs' co login
  # at the prompt type anoncvs

$ cvs -d ':pserver:anoncvs libvirt org:2401/data/cvs' co libvirt
  # the above will check out the source into a subdir called libvirt

$ cd libvirt

$ ./autogen.sh --prefix=$HOME/local --enable-compile-warnings=error --enable-debug=yes
  # you can change the --prefix to something more useful

If the above succeeds -- and it didn't for me -- then:

$ make

If any of the steps fail then post the full output. I can look at why libvirt on Debian is failing next week.

Thanks for helping with libvirt,


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