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Re: [Libvir] virsh - vcpuinfo cmd not working in 0.2.2

Hi Daniel,

On 07.05.2007, at 22:06, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
On Mon, May 07, 2007 at 10:13:57AM +0900, Atsushi SAKAI wrote:
Hi, Jan

I think you should use 0.2.1 at this moment.
libvirt cannot handle Xen-hypervisor-domctl correctly on 0.2.2.
But Xen-hypervisor-sysctl works fine.
This problem recognized in two weeks ago,
 but I have no time to investigate this issue.

I've been trying to reproduce / diagnose the problems you reported too
but not had much luck so far. Every way I look at it the code looks to
be using the correct hypercall numbers, operation numbers & structs.
Until I just noticed this:

Thank you for trying to tracking down this error.
Even though I get the following error from virsh command line interface,

[root xen-machine libvirt-0.2.1]# ./src/virsh
libvir: error : no support for hypervisor
lt-virsh: error: failed to connect to the hypervisor

my own program works fine with the libraries of 0.2.1.
The reason I had no success before with version 0.2.1 was because before this version was compiled with the libraries of 0.2.1. After I cleaned up my system and build 0.2.1 again I could use the library. But now the virsh command is not working and I don't know how to figure out with which library version it was build.

To get to the point:
I use version 0.2.1 for now and will test one of the newer version when it is able to handle Xen-hypervisor-domctl correctly as Atsushi said.

The second thing is that we've just discovered a bug in the Fedora Xen
kernels 2.6.20 wrt to SMP which could cause random bad things to happen So if you're using a Fedora 2.6.20 kernel it is also worth seeing if it
is still a problem with an older Fedora 2.6.19/18 kernel, or with the
vanilla upstream Xen

I'm not really shure about my kernel version and its origin because I didn't compiled it myself. But it is very likely that my kernel is no Fedora one because I use Scientific Linux.



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