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Re: [Libvir] QEMU without KVM

Steven W. Moyer wrote:
I'm working on getting QEMU running with libvirt and virt-manager and have thus far had no success.  I chose QEMU because it didn't require CPU support for full-virtualization (I got a bit older CPUs).

Now I'm at a stand-still trying to get it running.  My libvirt is compiled with QEMU support, but I'm getting a "virConnectOpenReadOnly() failed error when it tries to connect the the hypervisor.  A couple questions:

1)  How do I start qemu as a service?  I actually have 6 guests running.
2)  How do I connect from libvirt to qemu? (either running or not).

Is there a process called libvirt_qemud running?


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