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Re: [Libvir] [PATCH] output virsh log to file

Nobuhiro Itou wrote:

I made the patch which output debug messages and error messages
of virsh to the log file.
I think that it is necessary to leave logs to the file for the
investigation at the failure.
Debug messages can take appointed optional information,
and error messages will make it easy to specify a cause.
Moreover, I'm thinking about outputting virterror information
to the virsh log file by the next step.

It is simple specifications as follows.
 * Destination         -- <USER HOME>/.virsh/virsh.log
 * Log size            -- 1MB(1024*1024)
 * Number of Rotations -- 5
 * There is process exclusion.

First, will you take in this patch ?

Well, this patch looks OK to me.

What would be wrong with just virsh ... 2>/tmp/logfile?

And, I have a plan to enhance logging functionality.
(for example, libvirt error logging)

Can you explain?


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