[Libvir] QEMU without KVM

Steven W. Moyer smoyer at c-cor.com
Wed May 16 12:56:47 UTC 2007

Thanks Rich!

It was running, but not as a system daemon (I'm not even really sure how it started).  Now I can manage QEMU guests with virt-manager ... I'm still working on the network (seem to be missing a package that allows virtual bridging).

I'm also working on a end-to-end full virtualization how-to (since in total, I believe this to be much better than VMware).  Would anyone be interested in providing feedback for it?

ciao, smoyer

On Wednesday 16 May 2007 05:48, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

> Is there a process called libvirt_qemud running?
> Rich.

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